Guide To Golf Bags

Your Guide to Buying a Golf Bag

Your golf bag is a pretty essential piece of your kit, so it is important to get it right. And with so many on the market to choose from, it should be easy to find your dream bag.

There are five basic types of bag to choose from. These can be divided into lightweight bags for casual golfers who usually walk the green and carry their clubs, and heavyweight bags for the more serious golfer who won’t be carrying their own clubs. Your final choice will come down to your own preferences and habits as a player.

Lightweight Bags

Carry bags are the lightest option and are perfect for the casual golfer. When you are walking around the green, the bag will be carried over your shoulder. When choosing this kind make sure the straps are comfortable.

Stand bags are a little bit heavier but offer more versatility. They have feet at the bottom which allows the bag to stand upright. They are light enough to carry but can also be put on the cart.

Heavyweight Bags

Cart bags have a lot of additional features including pockets and storage compartments. This, of course, means more weight. But this shouldn’t be a problem these are intended to be carried on a golf cart. This is the kind you will see the more serious golfers using.

Tour bags are heavier, but they are designed for professionals who will not be carrying their own bag. The top of the range models often include many extra features and are often finished with luxury fabrics and details.

Travel bags give extra protection while you clubs are being transported. This is especially important on flights where they are left in the care of baggage handlers. Travel bags are made of heavier materials to protect the contents and should be able to store everything required for the game.


Another important feature is the number of dividers. This determines how the clubs will be stored. Full-length dividers encase the entire length of the stick, so you don’t have to disentangle your clubs as you pull them out. Bags might have full-length, half-length or a mixture of both. More professional bags will have more full-length dividers.


Don’t overlook the importance of good, well-designed straps. Lightweight bags often have a single shoulder strap while heavier bags are more likely to have double straps. Straps should be broad and well-padded to ensure they are comfortable when lifting and carrying. A cart bag also requires straps to attach it securely to the cart.

Extra Features

Once you have sorted out the basics, you can consider some of the extras that make your game more enjoyable. From a cool pocket for your cold drinks to a valuables pouch to keep keys or phones safe, there is plenty of choice. Also, to help deal with the vagaries of the weather look for additional features such as pockets to store waterproofs and other apparel or even an umbrella pocket.